Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living. While positive psychology focuses a lot on building positive emotions, such as joy, excitement, contentment and calmness. It does not however, deny the reality of negative emotions and experiences.

Emotions are part of what makes us human. However, there is often a natural tendency to focus too much on the negatives of life, so there is value in shifting that focus more to the positive side. Positive Psychology teaches us how to harness this shift and maximize the potential for happiness. It aims to help people identify happiness from moment to moment.

This theory is based on the belief that happiness is derived from both emotional and mental factors.

The 5 elements to improving well-being:

  1. Positive Emotions: Feeling good, positive emotions, optimism, pleasure and enjoyment
  2. Engagement: Fulfilling work, interesting hobbies
  3. Relationships: Social connections, love, intimacy, emotional and physical interaction
  4. Meaning: Having a purpose, finding a meaning in life
  5. Accomplishments: Ambition, realistic goals, important achievements, pride in yourself

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