Substance Abuse

Most people who drink alcohol drink very little, and many people can stop taking drugs without a struggle. However, some people develop a Substance Use Disorder (SUD)—the use of alcohol or drugs that is compulsive and/or dangerous. The precise causes of such chemical dependencies (drugs and/or alcohol) are unknown. However, there are factors that can cause a person to have a higher risk of drug or alcohol addiction.

Genetics can play a role in addiction, and someone with a family member who has chemical-dependency issues may be at higher risk. Research shows that genes are responsible for about half the risk for alcoholism and addiction.
The environment also influences the risk of chemical dependency. Peer pressure, stress, and family functioning can all play a role in the development of addiction.

Substance Abuse

While every person’s experience of drug use or addiction is unique to them, there are some signs that are common to most people who abuse substances:

  1. Tolerance
  2. Intense cravings
  3. Physical dependence
  4. Withdrawal symptoms
  5. Engaging in increasingly risky behaviors
  6. Financial trouble related to drug use
  7. Neglect responsibilities
  8. Develop unhealthy relationships with those who support addiction
  9. Isolating behaviors

Our clinicians address addiction through a multidisciplinary approach, offering a range of therapeutic modalities and work together to deliver comprehensive treatment with the goal of providing the best possible outcome for your physical and psychosocial needs.

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Begin healing and start your road of recovery TODAY…… Tomorrow could be too late.

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